Catherine Regehr

About Catherine

Catherine Regehr is a designer with a love for both the elegant and the outdoors. A person of contrasts, she is equally comfortable creating luxury couture as she is canoeing down a river in Canada's North.

Raised in the Yukon Territory, Regehr left Canada to study fashion design in Paris at L'Écoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. She worked as a designer in New York before returning to Vancouver, where she continues to design and export her collections to leading department and specialty stores worldwide.

Over the years Regehr has continued to spend summers at her home in the mountains of northern British Columbia, where she and her family spend much of their time enjoying the vast surrounding wilderness.

Regehr's designs combine unusual textures and luxurious fabrications with simple modern sensibility, which she describes as "the culture of luxury". This signature style can be seen in both her home and fashion collections.

The home collection is dedicated to aspects of the Yukon Territory, which is located in Canada's Arctic region. Regehr is working together with First Nations and other artisans to help create some of the northern pieces, which are the theme for this collection. All the pieces in this collection reflect the many textures of the northern lands and its people.